Wire Forms

Wire Forming from Prototype to Production

Automatic Specialties, Inc. employs the latest in wire forming technology to fulfill your custom wire form needs, whatever they may be. Our new line of CNC wire forming equipment allows us to program your custom wire form design into the machinery and output finished wireforms - whether its one part for prototyping or thousands for high-production runs.

Wire Form Material

We are able to accommodate a wide range of wire sizes - from .030" up to .312" in diameter - and various wire types including stainless steel, galvanized wire, and more.

Wire Form Finishing

Our network of reliable suppliers are able to provide various coatings and finishes to your wireform including powder coating, plating, electropolishing and more.

Wire Form Design Services

Our in-house engineering department can also work with you to design your part to meet your requirements. We can help design your part so it can be made as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Wire Form Tooling Costs

Our expanding line of four-slides and CNC machines enables efficient production and quicker delivery for large and repeat orders. There is no costly tooling required and often times several operations can be performed all on one machine.

From basic and stainless steels to modern alloys such as monel, inconel, and even precious metals, we are the wire form company that can meet your needs.

Prototyping and production pricing are available. Contact us now or Request a Quote.